Etched Bi-metal Oak Tree Pendant in Shadow Box, 6" x 8" x 2"
Oak Tree Pendant Etched bi-metal in Shadow Box Display
The oal tree design is photo etched on bi-metal. Etched bi-metal is made by fusing a layer of copper to a layer of silver. The artist photo is applied as a resist to the copper and then etched, thus revealing the silver.In the end the copper area is oxidized with a brown/black patina. This is done while metal is flat. The sheet is then formed using a 20 ton hydralic press to shape the metal three dimentionally, which is then soldered to a mirror form so that the final piece is reminecent of a stone in shape.

The display shadow box uses handmade paper incribed with a Japanese Haiku about a tree in spring.The pendant is displayed in box when not being worn, therefore it can still be appreciated not hidden away in a jewelry box.
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