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5.5" x 1/3"

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Etched Asian Fountain Pen
The designs on this pen are traditionally Asian. They include a wave, geometrics and Kanji, which is one of the Japanese alphabets. The material of this pen is etched bi-metal, made by fusing a layer of copper to a layer of silver. A design is created by the artist which is then applied as a resist to the copper. The copper that is not covered is then etched away , revealing the silver. This is done while metal is flat. Then it is formed into a tube which is the exact dimention to hold the fountain pen nib mechanisms. Other decorative parts are added such as the garnet stones at the ends as well as the forged clip.The nib is made in Germany by Schmidt and is available in a fine or medium point.The pen uses cartridges or a converter. Both are included. Because of the unusual custom shape of the stones, this pen does not "cap" itself.
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